em Jumps Ship!

Well, it’s decided. I’ve picked my new blog name and will probably make the change soon! With the change, I have a few weekly posts in mind, and a more consistent posting routine, so please stay tuned!

I’m looking to make the switch on Thanksgiving eve giving everyone some time to be prepared…*tumbleweed*

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday in the almost cold but not quite there yet weather.  We sure did.


Enjoy the last few hours we have left before Monday rears it’s ugly head…’til next time!

em Does the “Tune of the Week”

I let my coworker pick this week’s tune, partially because I couldn’t find out the name of my original choice in time, and partially because I was honestly stumped. So, she threw it back to my Freshman Year of high school.

Sean Paul – Temperature


Why: It’s a dance floor classic, and its upbeat nature should get you pumped and ready for more.

Best Lyric: “Wanna be the Papa, you can be the Mom…oh, oh!”

When to Sprint: The whole damn song! The tempo is pretty consistent throughout.

Genre: Reggae

em Does a Sketch, Today.

Part of me wishes I had the discipline to sketch regularly. It’s actually kind of sad, considering how much I commit to my fitness nowadays, and how much more time I commit to work.

Today, I finally broke out the sketch pad in a little over a month, and got to finalizing something I started last month. It’s coming out pretty nicely, but doesn’t have all the finishing touches, yet.


Are there any hobbies that you guys do not have time to get around to because you’ve grown up? Is all our time supposed to be devoted to work and paying bills?

I hope I can continue to make a habit of this.

Anyway, Happy Monday to you all! Sorry for the lack of substance, but you know what they say, a picture means 1000 words!

em Does the “One Lovely Blog Award”

The “One Lovely Blog Award”. Ah, how I’ve seen you running around this site since I restarted my “blogging career”. You’ve popped in and out of blogs, bringing smiles to nominees faces and bringing us all together with your gracious demands.

Now it is my turn to share the bloggy love.


The rules are quite simple:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award. In this case, it was the very lovely, Victoria, over at In My Ruins, There Are Treasure.

2. List the rules (as you can see!) and post the blog award photo.

3. State 7 facts about yourself.

4. Last, but not least, nominate 10 other bloggers you love. Great way to show others something awesome!

*Oh, and you must follow the blogger that nominated you, of course.

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