em Does the “Quote of the Week”

“Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself.”

Harry Potter





Go forth and be inspired!


Happy Hump-Day!


em Does the “Tune of the Week”

I’ve found that I really don’t listen to music much while running. Half the time it is because my phone is too far gone to do so, but the other half is because I just don’t need it anymore.

That doesn’t mean that I will stop posting weekly tunes though.

This week’s tune was played in my Zumba class, and it’s pretty fun and funky.

Rafaga – Para Que Baile Mi Gente

Why: This song has an unpredictable beat…at times it sounds “house-y”, other times it sounds like more traditional spanish music. You will be kept guessing.

Best Lyric: “Quiero que canten conmigo, golpeando las palmas, hechar al olvido”
*Translation: “I want you to sing with me, holding your palms together, forgetting everything”

When to Sprint: 1:46

Genre: cum·bi·a (ˈkəmbēə/ noun: a kind of dance music of Colombian origin, similar to salsa.)

Go forth and Dance-Run! (Don’t act like you’ve never done that!)

em Does Blogging Constipation.

For some reason, I just can’t shake this day behind thing.

Yesterday, I spent my Sunday with family recuperating from being sick for two days. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem taking a rest day? It eats my very soul knowing that I can’t spend a day working towards my fitness goals.

In spite of this, we pushed it extra hard with our family run. I believe we set another PR (for the family) of a mile in 11mins 15seconds, with a pace of 11:49 for the 3 miles we ran… Continue reading

em Does “Feature Fridays”…on a Saturday?

I’ve been sick with Ebola a fever since Thursday night. Naturally what comes with being sick is that you forget about your responsibilities and everything else in life. So I forgot about you, the blogosphere, and I very deeply apologize.

Luckily, I’ve bounced back pretty quickly due to massive amounts of tea and rest. Although I am not at my 100%, I know I will be there by tomorrow.

Now, back to the topic at hand, Feature Fridays! This week’s feature came from some research I was doing about fad dieting/dieting trends of the moment. I am usually pretty stubborn when it comes to things that are trendy because I hate liking things that are mainstream.

Continue reading

em Does Weekly Goals.

Sunday was amazing. We hit a PR for the family run to the yoga studio – shaved off two minutes. Yoga is always a yes in my book. I was able to go shopping and spend the rest of the day lumping on the couch, watching the Cowboys/Giants game. All in all, the well deserved rest I asked for.

This week is a totally new ballgame.

My boyfriend introduced this AB challenge that he would like us to do for the month of November. It will require ab work every other day for a span of 30 days. In light of this and other things, I figured I’d give my typical training schedule the boot, and I will begin to amp up my intensity. I also decided to set a weekly mileage goal.


This week, it will be a modest 18 miles. In order to achieve this (as I may have previously stated in an earlier post), I will have to a) run in the morning with all the rapists and bears, or b) run at night with all the rapists and bears. Either way, I will be prepared to combat all sorts of dangers that lurk in the dark.

I’ve also taken strong consideration to waist training and ballerina tea. If any of you out there have tried it, let me know how it works!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Monday, and that it ends as quickly as possible!