em Does “Feature Fridays” on Saturday….again!

Alright, so we get wrapped up in trick or treating! No biggie!

Anyway, this weeks feature was found thanks to my always and forever hungry belly. Not only am I insanely excited to eventually bake these, but I think I seriously dream about them since I’ve seen ’em.


Butternut Squash Biscuits with Mushroom Gravy – A Guest Post by Beth of Hooked On Health.

So I have a secret, shhhhh…. I’ve never told anyone before. I have a forbidden food obsession, at least it was forbidden. Biscuits and gravy are a pretty strange thing to have a secret thing for but I couldn’t let anyone know. I would have been mocked and criticized to the ends of the earth (or maybe that was just in my mind).

The fat, the salt, the white flour, the lack of any healthy qualities whatsoever would have been enough for most health conscious people to give it up altogether but not me. I secretly jumped for joy (inside) whenever I spied it on a buffet or at a breakfast function. I rarely made it at home because of the repercussions (again, probably mostly in my mind).

Go forth, and acquire a food boner!
Happy Saturday!


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