em Does the “Photo of the Week”

Because Saturdays are for doing something nice for your friends.


That face paint!


em Does Halloween!

Soooo, I skipped a day. Because I was up last night finishing up my son’s costume.


It was worth it.

I hope you all are having fun hoarding candy and possibly binge eating. We sure are!

What did you guys wear? Any post candy binge workout ideas?
Happy Halloween from us to you!



em Does “Baby Yoga”, amongst other things, Alone, Part Two.

As you may have read, my significant other is in Chicago. Today marks day two of this adventure.

Luckily for me, one of my days off falls smack in the middle of the week. This allowed for the usual cleaning, cooking and getting everything else done.

One of the things I specifically wanted to work on was my inversions with Yoga. I’ve been feeling brave ever since I was able to do crows pose for two seconds, so now it’s on to bigger and better things.


Of course, when I try, my lovely little cockblock midget decides that he is going to help me.


There is absolutely no way you are going to practice that, Mom. How about some crackers?

Typically he runs around imitating me anyway, so I birthed the idea of baby yoga…(someone probably invented this before me, though)

Here’s how that endeavor went.


Getting prepped for the moves.


One legged downward dog.


Of course, the only way I could get him to sit in Sukhasana.

He’s pretty much a pro.

Maybe there will be a sequel to this…or not, my patience is way too thin.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a happy hump-day, and I wish that you all have happy, successful two second crow poses, like I have.

em Does the “Quote of the Week”.

I am really good at “of the week” posts. It gives me structure and the chance to discover new things.

Anyway, I’ve decided that Wednesdays should be Quote of the Week day, since it’s my weekday-day-off (I just invented this) and I generally have the most free time this day.

So without further ado…

“Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

– Ron Swanson.


So true.

Although I did not create this image, I plan to create any images associated with the quote of the week.

Go forth and be inspired.

Happy hump day!

em Does Everything… Alone, Part One.

Quarterly, my boyfriend leaves to Chicago for a management training seminar.


This means I am left to shuffle the kids around, go to work and still manage to work out…yay!

It isn’t all bad, though. I get to spend a lot of quality time with the boys, something I dont get to do much of. Aaaand the house is way cleaner.

Tomorrow is my day off, so this hustle and bustle should be easier.

This all leads to a very important point. We should all appreciate our significant others more. Whether it’s the small things like picking up my kids from school, or the really big things like the fact that he is an unofficial step dad to my son, I am extremely lucky to have someone this amazing on my team.

Now it’s time for the funnies.

I read this earlier and it totally tied into the theme of today’s post. Hope it gives you guys a good laugh.


Happy Tuesday to all 😋 and well wishes to everyone working out today!

em Does Creativity.

I am a creative soul at heart.

Often times this can be a good thing. Some of my drawings are amazing.


In most cases, this can be a double edged blade. My brain bursts at its seams as I try to remember all my concoctions. All my brilliant thoughts evaporate into thin air most of the time.


I wish someone could tell me the secret to remembering all of this.


The worst part is that my inspiration strikes me in the worst of places: on my drive home, while I am running, when I am in bed ready to drift off into sleep…


When I try to put pencil to paper, the abundance and over spill of ideas is nowhere to be found. Take this blog for example, I pulled it out of my ass because I really couldn’t think of a topic. I have a list of preset ideas but none of them spoke to me. So I half assed today’s entry.


Shoot me.


Hopefully I can eventually finish the masterpiece I am working on, while attempting a side project, finishing two art related tasks for work, and of course living.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful Monday, and are not ravaged by the escaping thoughts of your brain too!


What do you guys do to keep your ideas in one place? Is someone out there willing to be my personal idea assistant?