em Does not Want to do Things Anymore

One of my character flaws is that I bore of things easily. No, I am not stopping my blog, but I am looking to reinvent myself. One reason is that I accidentally

plagiarized Becky Does Things. (I knew it sounded familiar)

OK, well maybe that IS the main reason.

I haven’t been able to think of how I want to reinvent my image yet. I have a few ideas but haven’t come to a decision on any of them. Can the image are invention specialist come to my aid? Do any of you have any suggestions? Help!

In addition to this, I am looking to reinvent my abs. So, I started a 30 day ab challenge (there’s an app for that). We shall see what is to come these next thirty days.


I did slack off this week, and barely ran, but I have been doing more weight training, so I don’t feel too bad. Hopefully this week I can manage to hit the 15 miles I’ve been trying to run for three weeks.


I hope everyone is having a fun Sunday! Congrats to all who completed the NYC Marathon! You guys are the exact reason why I did NOT drive into the city today.

Anyway, Happy almost Monday!
Don’t be too depressed!


2 thoughts on “em Does not Want to do Things Anymore

  1. Girl keep on keeping on! You didn’t plagiarize! The link didn’t take me to a blog but I’m sure you write about different things and as long as your name isn’t Becky, you’re fineeeeeeee!


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