em Does “Feature Fridays”…on a Saturday?

I’ve been sick with Ebola a fever since Thursday night. Naturally what comes with being sick is that you forget about your responsibilities and everything else in life. So I forgot about you, the blogosphere, and I very deeply apologize.

Luckily, I’ve bounced back pretty quickly due to massive amounts of tea and rest. Although I am not at my 100%, I know I will be there by tomorrow.

Now, back to the topic at hand, Feature Fridays! This week’s feature came from some research I was doing about fad dieting/dieting trends of the moment. I am usually pretty stubborn when it comes to things that are trendy because I hate liking things that are mainstream.

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em Does “Feature Fridays”

It’s always interesting to read what other bloggers have to say. I can easily say I spend about two to three hours a day sifting through fitness and mom blogs.

Naturally, I have to create a weekly posting to honor these great finds!

It is official: Feature Fridays.

This week’s post combined fitness and humor into a funny little list. Titled “The 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Start a Yoga Practice”, doyouyoga does not disappoint. Continue reading