em Does “Feature Fridays” on Saturday….again!

Alright, so we get wrapped up in trick or treating! No biggie!

Anyway, this weeks feature was found thanks to my always and forever hungry belly. Not only am I insanely excited to eventually bake these, but I think I seriously dream about them since I’ve seen ’em.

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em Does “Feature Fridays”…on a Saturday?

I’ve been sick with Ebola a fever since Thursday night. Naturally what comes with being sick is that you forget about your responsibilities and everything else in life. So I forgot about you, the blogosphere, and I very deeply apologize.

Luckily, I’ve bounced back pretty quickly due to massive amounts of tea and rest. Although I am not at my 100%, I know I will be there by tomorrow.

Now, back to the topic at hand, Feature Fridays! This week’s feature came from some research I was doing about fad dieting/dieting trends of the moment. I am usually pretty stubborn when it comes to things that are trendy because I hate liking things that are mainstream.

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em Does “Feature Fridays”

It’s always interesting to read what other bloggers have to say. I can easily say I spend about two to three hours a day sifting through fitness and mom blogs.

Naturally, I have to create a weekly posting to honor these great finds!

It is official: Feature Fridays.

This week’s post combined fitness and humor into a funny little list. Titled “The 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Start a Yoga Practice”, doyouyoga does not disappoint. Continue reading