em Does a Sketch, Today.

Part of me wishes I had the discipline to sketch regularly. It’s actually kind of sad, considering how much I commit to my fitness nowadays, and how much more time I commit to work.

Today, I finally broke out the sketch pad in a little over a month, and got to finalizing something I started last month. It’s coming out pretty nicely, but doesn’t have all the finishing touches, yet.


Are there any hobbies that you guys do not have time to get around to because you’ve grown up? Is all our time supposed to be devoted to work and paying bills?

I hope I can continue to make a habit of this.

Anyway, Happy Monday to you all! Sorry for the lack of substance, but you know what they say, a picture means 1000 words!


em Does a Logo

Happy Hump Day to all.

I’ve decided to add a little bit of personality by totally redesigning the page, as well as creating a banner for the month of October.

I hope you all like the new look!

October Logo

em Does Creativity.

I am a creative soul at heart.

Often times this can be a good thing. Some of my drawings are amazing.


In most cases, this can be a double edged blade. My brain bursts at its seams as I try to remember all my concoctions. All my brilliant thoughts evaporate into thin air most of the time.


I wish someone could tell me the secret to remembering all of this.


The worst part is that my inspiration strikes me in the worst of places: on my drive home, while I am running, when I am in bed ready to drift off into sleep…


When I try to put pencil to paper, the abundance and over spill of ideas is nowhere to be found. Take this blog for example, I pulled it out of my ass because I really couldn’t think of a topic. I have a list of preset ideas but none of them spoke to me. So I half assed today’s entry.


Shoot me.


Hopefully I can eventually finish the masterpiece I am working on, while attempting a side project, finishing two art related tasks for work, and of course living.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful Monday, and are not ravaged by the escaping thoughts of your brain too!


What do you guys do to keep your ideas in one place? Is someone out there willing to be my personal idea assistant?

em Does Nothing

Yesterday was so crazily hectic, that I had no chance to collect my thoughts and organize a post. Between work and finding out that my boss was a former child star, I lost track of time.


(That’s him!)

Anyway, today is a new day.

I didn’t do anything particularly interesting today, except draw a quick sketch.


(ig: emdoesthings)

I wanted to try something a little out of my typical routine, so I went for a yoga pose. Came out pretty good for a 90 minute sketch.

I promise tomorrow’s post will be much more interesting and relevant.

Happy Workouts, Yo.