em Does the “Tune of the Week”

I’ve found that I really don’t listen to music much while running. Half the time it is because my phone is too far gone to do so, but the other half is because I just don’t need it anymore.

That doesn’t mean that I will stop posting weekly tunes though.

This week’s tune was played in my Zumba class, and it’s pretty fun and funky.

Rafaga – Para Que Baile Mi Gente

Why: This song has an unpredictable beat…at times it sounds “house-y”, other times it sounds like more traditional spanish music. You will be kept guessing.

Best Lyric: “Quiero que canten conmigo, golpeando las palmas, hechar al olvido”
*Translation: “I want you to sing with me, holding your palms together, forgetting everything”

When to Sprint: 1:46

Genre: cum·bi·a (ˈkəmbēə/ noun: a kind of dance music of Colombian origin, similar to salsa.)

Go forth and Dance-Run! (Don’t act like you’ve never done that!)

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