em Does Weekly Goals.

Sunday was amazing. We hit a PR for the family run to the yoga studio – shaved off two minutes. Yoga is always a yes in my book. I was able to go shopping and spend the rest of the day lumping on the couch, watching the Cowboys/Giants game. All in all, the well deserved rest I asked for.

This week is a totally new ballgame.

My boyfriend introduced this AB challenge that he would like us to do for the month of November. It will require ab work every other day for a span of 30 days. In light of this and other things, I figured I’d give my typical training schedule the boot, and I will begin to amp up my intensity. I also decided to set a weekly mileage goal.


This week, it will be a modest 18 miles. In order to achieve this (as I may have previously stated in an earlier post), I will have to a) run in the morning with all the rapists and bears, or b) run at night with all the rapists and bears. Either way, I will be prepared to combat all sorts of dangers that lurk in the dark.

I’ve also taken strong consideration to waist training and ballerina tea. If any of you out there have tried it, let me know how it works!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Monday, and that it ends as quickly as possible!


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