em Does Incredibly Fun Sundays

Today was good.

I had the opportuniy to visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Who would have thought that there was a place as nice as this in the middle of Brooklyn? Anyway,
I was fortunate enough to get a few shots.


After our very eventful day, we of course went for a family jog. I’ve noticed that pushing the jogging stroller makes the jogs much harder, and affects our timing. With this in mind, we were still able to keep a 12.5 min pace, which is a PR for our family jogs. It’s nice to see the progress.

Tomorrow I will attempt to start the 5am jogs, since my soon-to-be work schedule will only allow me to run early in the morning anyway. I am incredibly nervous about this because it is relatively dark and cold at this time.

We will see if I can muster the courage to run with the rapists and bears tomorrow morning.

Please pray that I will not be eaten.


I hope you all have had a fun (and maybe productive) Sunday. Don’t forget to relish in the few hours we have left!

15 thoughts on “em Does Incredibly Fun Sundays

    1. No problem! I’m from the city too (Upper Manhattan), but I recently moved to Jersey. Even though its literally 30 minutes away, I don’t go to NY as much anymore. It was nice being able to see that there are these really nice places, though. One of the small things I miss.


                    1. It just wasn’t economical to live in New York, plus my family is kind of large for the space constraints. There are a few other reasons, like needing more fresh air…but those were the main reasons.

                      Why did you leave to Maine?


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