em Does Thirty…again!

I have done it.

I have published thirty blog posts. The ultimate testament to commitment.

I didn’t think I would make it this far, honestly. I would like to thank all the people who follow my blog and actively comment on my posts. It means the world to me.

All joking aside (I wasn’t really joking actually), I am surprised I had enough content to make 30 relevant posts. There is something very solid about the number thirty, as I’ve explained before.

With the completion of my first goal of this blog, comes a large list of newer and more exciting things to add. Maybe a face lift? Domain? Did someone say…daily drawing prompt? Now that I know that I am committing to this blog (I have informally asked it to be my girlfriend), it’s time to run with the ideas in my head!

I hope that everyone who has read this blog and who continues to read what I post finds something they can relate to in my words…or at least something they can laugh at. I look forward to writing much more and seeing where this takes me!


So here is a toast…a toast to commitment, to success,  to support systems, to health, to happiness, to family, and to the future.

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