em Does Everything… Alone, Part One.

Quarterly, my boyfriend leaves to Chicago for a management training seminar.


This means I am left to shuffle the kids around, go to work and still manage to work out…yay!

It isn’t all bad, though. I get to spend a lot of quality time with the boys, something I dont get to do much of. Aaaand the house is way cleaner.

Tomorrow is my day off, so this hustle and bustle should be easier.

This all leads to a very important point. We should all appreciate our significant others more. Whether it’s the small things like picking up my kids from school, or the really big things like the fact that he is an unofficial step dad to my son, I am extremely lucky to have someone this amazing on my team.

Now it’s time for the funnies.

I read this earlier and it totally tied into the theme of today’s post. Hope it gives you guys a good laugh.


Happy Tuesday to all 😋 and well wishes to everyone working out today!

em does Comments.

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