em Does Creativity.

I am a creative soul at heart.

Often times this can be a good thing. Some of my drawings are amazing.


In most cases, this can be a double edged blade. My brain bursts at its seams as I try to remember all my concoctions. All my brilliant thoughts evaporate into thin air most of the time.


I wish someone could tell me the secret to remembering all of this.


The worst part is that my inspiration strikes me in the worst of places: on my drive home, while I am running, when I am in bed ready to drift off into sleep…


When I try to put pencil to paper, the abundance and over spill of ideas is nowhere to be found. Take this blog for example, I pulled it out of my ass because I really couldn’t think of a topic. I have a list of preset ideas but none of them spoke to me. So I half assed today’s entry.


Shoot me.


Hopefully I can eventually finish the masterpiece I am working on, while attempting a side project, finishing two art related tasks for work, and of course living.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful Monday, and are not ravaged by the escaping thoughts of your brain too!


What do you guys do to keep your ideas in one place? Is someone out there willing to be my personal idea assistant?

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