em Does Progress.

Sometimes, I’m just in denial that I’m getting more fit.

I know its weird to say but, I guess by mentally preparing myself to fail, I don’t feel as bad when I don’t hit my expectations.

This past week I wasn’t able to workout as much as I would have liked. I feel like I haven’t been as strict with my dieting as usual. On top of all of this, I got Mirena put in recently and I’m stressed about weight gain.

I guess all of these feelings mashed into some sort of distorted self image in my head. 

Even though I’m usually realistic about my weight loss and fitness goals, lately, I haven’t been able to shake the negativity. I feel guilty for working harder for less days instead of working hard the entire week.

I proved myself wrong today, though.

Not only did I easily run 5k (OK, I’m lying…that blast of 45° air sent me for a doozy in the beginning), I was able to get into crow’s pose. This is probably the most silly victory to most, but to me, it moved mountains. I have never been able to assume this pose in the entire time I’ve practiced yoga.

….And I took a look in the studio’s full length mirrors. Whoa did I look great.


I should probably purchase a full length mirror for my apartment, so I can gaze lovingly at myself more often. I definitely need to give that beautiful, almost-fit mom in the mirror more credit.

I hope everyone gets a little glimpse of revelation this Sunday and learns to appreciate themselves and their bodies much more.


Happy Sunday folks!

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