em Does the Gym!

The whole #gymming thing wasn’t for me, or at least I thought it wasn’t.

I’ve been a member of quite a few gyms – heck, I even had a personal trainer for two months – but I always felt that it was never really for me. Typically I’d just do a ton of cardio and randomize my machine usage, which probably wasn’t getting me anywhere. I took a few classes at one of the smaller gyms and discovered my love for rock climbing and yoga, but never got into the whole gym “groove”.

Ever since I’ve been running, that has started to change. About two weeks into our running routine, I joined 24 Hour Fitness. I knew in order to keep my progress going, I’d need access to a place where I could workout when running just wasn’t an option. At first, the gym was just supposed to be an indoor running thing, and so I can discover new interests with their classes. However, I soon realized that I may start using the gym like traditional gym rats.

I have had this false assumption that you can only attain physical fitness through cardio. I assumed that only people who wanted to professionally weight lift did strength training. I was an asshole for being so ignorant.

As I’ve been going through my journey to become more physically fit, I find myself reading about technique and advice all the time. I’ve read tons of articles saying that weight lifting combined with cardio, is the route to a more sculpted and healthy body, and that there are tons of benefits that strength training gives to running.

I could list them all but it would be pointless. The most important point is that I finally grew a pair and started a strength training routine.

The original intent of this post was to tell you about the people watching aspect of going to the gym. I think most of my reservations about lifting came from this awful misconception that I would look like an ass working out in front of people. Today, there was this one girl who was so on point with her ab work, I was embarrassed. I felt like a dork because I was in there to take the Zumba class at 10:30, and wanted to do my ab routine beforehand. I figured that she was probably too hardcore for Zumba. Maybe about 10 minutes into my class, I glance to my left and see this girl who was just killing the ab section smiling back at me. It’s like she knew what I was thinking, and mentally telling me it was ok to be where I am at right now. I guess we were all there, once.


The moral of the story is to just fuck what you think everyone else thinks and do your own thing at your own pace. This girl got to where she was by being me at one point, and I’m sure some girl will look at me the same way in a few months as well.

All this hard work at the gym deserves a beer or two tonight, and that is definitely what I shall do.

Happy Thursday all!

7 thoughts on “em Does the Gym!

  1. I have a gym membership, but I much prefer to run outside and lift weights at home. I feel like a gerbil on a belt when I run on the treadmill with all the other gym people…


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