em Does the “Tune of the Week”

I failed yesterday. I skipped the gym, and opted for this instead:


I felt absolutely guilty spending two hours or more at the gym after he called me about his football success…so I ditched the gym and took him for fro-yo. I don’t feel an ounce of remorse…

Besides, I worked out extra hard this morning to make up for it.

Anyway, today, I am looking to add a new dimension to my blog. Introducing, the Tune of the Week (written on Tuesdays). Music is one of the most essential components of all my workouts. A perfectly paced song can give me way more energy than any preworkout supplement can.

As for my taste in music, I tend to gravitate towards working out to House music. It is generally my favorite genre. I also enjoy 80’s Rock, 90’s Rap, Latin Freestyle, 00’s Pop, and SOME of the stuff on the Radio. I will try to include a little of everything, but no promises.

Now, without further ado, the Tune of the Week!

Calvin Harris – Blame


Why: This song is a great song to begin your workout with. It starts off with a pretty slow tempo and builds up in to something pumpin’ n thumpin’. And the “seemingly unrelated to the rest of the song but perfect for workout inspiration” lyric.

Best lyric: “Oh I promise, I’ll be better this time, I will be better this time.”

When you should sprint: 2:46

Genre: House

Go forth and Sprint to Victory!

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