em Does Injury.

I am a mother of three amazing boys. All three of these boys – Vinny (7), Leo (3) and Alexander (1) – have different fathers. Don’t judge my poor life decisions, judge where I’ve come from them.

Anyway, there’s something that really gets my goat, and it’s the great opposition everyone has to my oldest son playing football this year. Vinny and Leo’s dads both seem to be really concerned that he will potentially get hurt. Vinny is the smallest guy on his team, and is generally smaller than most kids his age, so on top of this, the coaches and parents on the team baby him and make exceptions so he doesn’t get hit during practice.


I understand he’s small but what is the point of shielding our kids from pain?? I never understood this approach to life. Let’s avoid anything that potentially hurt us because it’s safer. It doesn’t matter if it teaches us something, if it causes pain, it isn’t worth it.

What are we teaching our kids?! Are we teaching them that they should be fearful of the world? They shouldn’t try new things or dare to be different because there are negative consequences?

On top of that, everyone seems to forget the positives from being involved in this sport. How are we supposed to learn how to deal with pain if we have never been hurt before? What about the team building experience? Or the health benefits from being regularly active?

Maybe it’s just me but I am very proud to say my little runt is a football player! He has learned so much and has come leaps and bounds since his first day. I look forward to the rest of his development this season and I can’t wait to root him on at his next game!


Parents, how do you feel about letting kids try sports that may have more risk than normal?

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Thursday Evening!

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