em Does Weight Lifting.

I’ve been reading a little bit more into weight training ever since I mentioned it a few days ago. Today, I decided to take a weight training class that my gym offers to try to learn a little more about what types of exercise to do and form.

I have taken this class twice in the past, and with all the regular working out I’ve been doing, I’ve been able to notice a difference. I’m able to lift more and make it through the class with ease. My struggle is form…but I guess it comes with practice, right?

Hopefully I can grow a pair and actually use the barbells outside of the studio on my own, especially since I have a specific workout in mind. There’s something intimidating about the gym rats doing their thing…especially since I’m a lifting n00b.


Other than working out, I was lucky enough to spend my day off with my boyfriend, sans-kids. We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was amazing. And we got to have burgers at my favorite burger spot…BareBurger! All I have to say about that is…”I am Groot”!


I hope you all are enjoying your hump day, both literally and figuratively and look out for an extra special opinion piece tomorrow!

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