em Does Judgment.

I’ll admit it, I judge people all the time.

It’s probably because I’m a narcissistic elitist.

Anyway, there’s something that gets my goat when people don’t do things up to the standard I expect for myself. I know this is unreasonable but I can’t help the rage I feel inside.

If you aren’t going to commit to something 100%, then what’s the point at all?

I feel this way across the board…from general work ethic, to parenting and of course, dieting. It pisses me off seeing irresponsible parents. It pisses me off even more when I hear people say they want to lose weight as they take a two minute walk sipping their coke.

It’s all about instant gratification. How are you supposed to see results if you’re not hauling ass 24-7? Don’t you feel guilty?


So when you eat your fries, or show up late to your son’s football practice…just know that I am judging you and probably hate you.

em does Comments.

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