em Does Chopped (at home)

I think my first mistake was leaving the food shopping to my boyfriend. This resulted in one of those dinners where you try to use whatever you may have in the pantry (which usuallly ends up being a crusty goldfish cracker and a packet of ketchup). The goal was to stay healthy, especially since this is my pre-run snack.

I saw an almost finished bag of whole wheat tortillas in my bread box, and thus, tonight’s experiment was birthed.

Healthy Black Bean Nachos


I took the whole wheat tortilla (170 calories), cut it into fancy shapes with my pizza cutter, brushed some lime juice on it and salted it. Then I threw this baby in the toaster oven for 12 minutes and let them crisp. (They will stick to the toaster oven pan a little)

The next step was to try to make black beans like my grandmother does, except not using anything fresh, or utilizing any of the techniques she did. Basically, I used all the Spanish seasoning I had in my house…threw it in a pot with some frozen onions and peppers, and dumped a can of black beans in afterward.


Once that was done cooking, I took a scoop of it (about half a cup) and dumped it right on top of my chips.


I then proceeded to desanctify it by throwing some store brought salsa in a can on top for spice.

All in all, it tasted pretty good, and only for about 300 calories which isn’t bad either.

Ted Allen should just write me a check already.

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