em Does Domestic Violence

(But not really.)

I am going to caplitalize on the Ray Rice buzz for more followers.

Just kidding.

What is bothering me, however, is the thought process of the general public on this issue. I have seen countless remarks about how wrong his actions were, and how women should never fall victom to domestic violence. Somewhere in the midst of this, they fail to mention that men may become victims as well.

Apparently, domestic violence is only something that women can experience.

No one has pointed anything out about his wife being wrong for hitting him. Furthermore, the amount of attention drawn to his wife’s actions do not even come close to the attention drawn to Rice’s actions. Why is it not equally as shameful for his wife?

I am not defending what Ray Rice did; he did respond using excessive force. It is just unfair to make him the only culprit.

We have faught so hard for equality as a gender. It is wrong to pick and choose when this equality is convenient for us.


Now enough with the seriousness, it’s Saturday night. Put your kids to bed early and have a (5 oz) glass of wine! (140 Calories)

Hapy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “em Does Domestic Violence

  1. I can agree with your blog here for sure. I finally exited an abusive relationship. I never took retaliation as my dad taught me as as boy that guys and men do not hit girls for any reason. I stuck it out ass long as I could and felt stronger walking away. I will raise my girls not to put up with mess but also to not follow in their mothers path.


      1. Wow well stinks you’ve had to know about the absent parent stuff as well as leaving a relationship because of things the same but all in all it will always make us better people and parents!!! Thanks I love my girls and wouldn’t trade raising them for anything in this world! Keep up the awesome blogs 🙂


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