em Does Zumba

Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge – and by take the plunge, I mean, try Zumba.

I’ve stayed away from it for quite a bit, mostly because dancing around like a fancy pants kind of seemed a little fruity to me. But, after tons of women told me I should try it, I figured I’d stop being an ass and give it a shot.

I was very wrong.

All in all, the class was pretty cool. I think the people there were shocked that the chick with the Kim-Kardash-Ass, couldn’t keep up. Generally, im pretty uncoordinated, so dancing takes a bit for me to learn. However, after bumping into the lady next to me a million times, I said fuck it and did my own thing.

I burned 280 calories in an hour. I think that is what really made it impressive, especially since I only gave about 60%. Oh, and top of that, the tunes brought me back to my prepubescent youth.

Seems like this will become a Thursday habit.


(And of course, I listened to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” on the way home.)

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